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Notodden Motorhome Camp

Notodden Motorhome Camp is located next to the lake Heddalsvannet, in the middle of Notodden city center.

This is a Motorhome Camp in city center with all the amenities such as electricity, drinking water and a dump station for toilet and greywater.
Guests of Notodden Camping AS can also use the municipal dump station.

Price for motorhome parking per night is NOK 195, - electricity, water and draining included.

Location in Notodden

Follow the E134, turn at the intersection of family restaurant Bergby's near the city beach, for more information see / click on map.

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook, and like Notodden Bobilcamp.

Facilities at Notodden City Beach

Right next to the Motorhome Camp there is a municipal building with showers and toilets with the following prices:

toilet    NOK 15, -
shower NOK 20, -

We wish you a wonderful stay!


 Please note that the caravan camp is part of the official bluescamp, and can not be pre-booked with Notodden Camping.

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